New Teachers

Thank you for thinking about volunteering as a teacher!

We are always looking for middle and high school experienced musicians to teach elementary school children. That’s where you come in, I would like for you to join our teaching team because I can’t do this without people like you.
We all live in the community but are not sponsored by the school system. In Hanover currently, we have one violin teacher, three guitar teachers, four piano teachers, one viola teacher and a flute teacher but we are always looking for instructors of different instruments. Most teachers have committed to one or two students to teach thirty minute weekly lessons at their house. These are supervised lessons. The students will provide their own book and instrument. You will specify which beginner book you want to use and provide me with a resume of your musical background which is something I share with the student, but your information is never given out without your permission. You will be put directly in touch with the student to schedule lessons at a mutually-agreed upon time. Each session runs from the end of September through the end of May and in Hanover we follow the Hanover County calendar for days off and breaks.

Students have to be able to read and commit to weekly lessons and daily practice. They can only sign up for one September to May session.
Email us here if you're interested in becoming a teacher in Hanover.
Email us here if you're interested in becoming a teacher in Frederick.


  • Teach elementary school-age children beginner music lessons one day a week for 30 minutes, you will received a total of 1 hour of community service time for lesson planning, teaching, and communications with your students and their families.
  • The number of students you have is up to you. Most teachers have just one or two, but others have 3 and 4. We don’t recommend more than 4. Commit to one September to May session each year.
  • You are responsible to set your schedule and make-ups, if they will be offered.
  • Lessons given at your house, in Hanover following the Hanover County School schedule from the end of September through May.
  • You provide a music resume of your background.
  • You plan lessons and provide only your beginner music book and instrument. The student has to provide their book and instrument.


  • Make a positive difference in our community by sharing your musical talent with students that are not offered instrument music classes as a resource because of economic budget cuts. Keep music alive in the lives of these children.
  • Be part of a community service project opportunity and earn service hours which are now accepted for academic program and club community service hour commitments.
  • Earn teaching experience, leadership, and communication skills, and get additional practice in every week with your own instrument.
  • Be a mentor and role model for younger students.
  • Be invited to participate in special events to promote music education, like the Disney short film taped in March 2013 and the Nickelodeon event taped in October 2015!
  • Music To My Ears is a Certifying Organization of the President's Volunteer Service Award. With enough volunteer hours, you could be recognized by this organization.