Youth Volunteerism

Through my organization Music To My Ears, I have been able to spread my passion for music to children. You might ask, “Why children should participate in music study?”  The answer is because studies show that children who play an instrument score higher on standardized tests, are more likely to stay in school, stay off of drugs and alcohol, and it is simply fun!  Also, supporters of music education say that it is an important part of a child’s social, emotional, and academic growth.  Parents note that children that have studied music learned many life skills such as patience, a work ethic, perseverance, as well as respect.  I like being a part of something that makes a positive impact on someone's life.
Music To My Ears has been fortunate to have earned the following accolades:
I've also had the wonderful opportunity to meet these individuals:

Sir Richard Branson at the
Richmond Unite mentor party

  Ethan and Senator Jim Webb
US Senator Jim Webb during the Washington, DC Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Ethan and Senator Ryan McDougall
VA Senator Ryan McDougle
presenting Virginia State Senate Commendation
Susan Sarandon was the
Keynote speaker at the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Paula Abdul at the
Hasbro Community Action Hero award ceremony

Ethan Cruikshank, Ruchita Zaparde, Nick Cannon, Riley Gantt, Joshua Williams
Ethan Cruikshank, Ruchita Zaparde, Nick Cannon, Riley Gantt, and Joshua Williams at the Nickelodeon 2015 HALO Awards

Because of these accolades and the partnerships I have with many of these like-minded companies and individuals, I now have a platform to speak on behalf of my broader message of Youth Volunteerism not only locally but nationally also.  My focus is to let all youth know that they can make a difference no matter how large or small.  Take an active role in your community and make a positive difference.