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Why only one session?

You might ask why your child can only participate in one session of music lessons:

First, the mission of Music To My Ears is to introduce beginner music lessons to elementary school students so that this exposure can help determine if playing an instrument is something they want to pursue.  My hope is that all students continue their music education after their experience with Music To My Ears.  They can do this either in a middle school class in Band or Strings, or if they are not old enough, contact a professional instructor to sign up for lessons.  At the end of their session, most students are beyond the beginner phases and need intermediate lessons.  It was never my intent to take the place of a professional either through school or outside of school. 

Also, a goal of mine is to reach as many students as possible to offer them this unique opportunity.  If your student continues they would take the place of a student that would miss out on signing up for the program.  At this point, I only have a limited number of instructors and each has taken on as many students as they feel comfortable with.  Also, please consider if you try to continue with an instructor outside of Music To My Ears, the instructor is limited with his or her free time for music instruction and in turn you might limit the time the teacher can devote to a Music To My Ears student.

I truly feel the only way to continue and grow our community service project is for each student to be limited to one session.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!