Providing instruments to those who can not

Thank you so much for your interest in providing practice instruments. Please considering donating an instrument or a monetary contribution so that one more child can learn the joys of playing music.

To learn to play an instrument requires the ability to practice.  Over the past seven years of Music To My Ears, we have noticed that not all children can participate because they do not have access to a practice instrument.  Our next big goal is to provide musical instruments, or pay for their rental, for children who this might be a hurdle for. We would like to solve this problem through monetary or instrument donations, scholarships, or grants.  

One of the most rewarding moments of my program was when, via a scholarship, we could provide an electric keyboard to the Frederick, Maryland chapter. We donated it to two sisters in a homeless shelter so the teachers there in Maryland could provide music lessons, and the sisters would have something to practice on. This donation not only allowed the sisters to learn how to play the piano but they also experienced the healing power of music.   

If you would like to contribute please email me.